No. of Segments:

3 mins approx.

Sponsorship Suggestions:
Chicken retailers, RSL clubs and businesses run by Vietnam Vets (it was broadcast by Armed Forces radio in Vietnam and is one of the only positive memories veterans have of the conflict).

Program Details:

More than 2,000 radio stations throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe have successfully aired Radio’s Most Legendary Crimefighter, CHICKENMAN.
His daily 2 ½ minute episodes have generated income for local radio stations with such ADVERTISERS as beverage distributors, hair salons, fast food franchises and local restaurants, appliance and audio-video stores, auto repair shops, auto dealers and even grocery stores and banks just to name a few! Oh yes, and the odd BBQ Chicken shop as well! The added PROMOTIONAL value to radio stations has generated loyal listeners and fans from age 16 to 60 on NewsTalk, Country, AC, AOR, GOLD formats alike.
CHICKENMAN is fully CUSTOMIZED for stations and sponsors alike. We provide you with PROMOS to air two weeks before the show begins as well as a series of promos to run during the course of the program. In all, there are 285 episodes in the recently re-packaged series, including many episodes that are new to Australian listeners.

Run a competition for the best picture of Chickenman – the producers deliberately never created an image of the feathered fowl, thereby creating the opportunity for a competition for your sponsor.

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