The immortal, original, Dad & Dave is still available for broadcast on radio.

The marvellous adventures of the folk from Snake Gully … the original ‘quarter-hour’ episodes have been re-packaged into a fast-moving,6 minute format and is still a winner with sponsors and listeners alike.

Based on the characters created by Steele Rudd in his book “On Our Selection”, the radio serial began its marathon run on Sydney’s 2UW on 31st May 1937.  It was broadcast 4 nights per week in 15 minute episodes, and ran for 15 years.

It came about when Wrigleys, the chewing gum manufacturer, asked its advertising agent to create a serial that was Australian in character and would appeal to a national audience.  It became a part of daily life for many Australians.

George Edwards not only played three parts – he was the producer (he was considered Australia’s top radio serial producer at the time).  Mum and Dad never had a surname – it was deliberately written that way.  All other characters were named.


Dad was played by George Edwards

Ted Ramsay was played by George Edwards

Alf Morton was played by George Edwrads

Mum was played by Loris Bingham

Annie was played by Loris Bingham

Bill Smith was played by Eric Scott

Mabel was played by Nell Stirling

Dave was played by John Saul

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