No. of Segments:
260 per year (Monday-Friday)

60 seconds

Sponsorship Suggestions:
Pharmacies, health food stores (Doc believes in a naturally healthy lifestyle), and anyone interested in tying themselves to Doc’s credibility and popularity.


Australia’s favourite family physician, Dr James Wright, has been recording his daily health tips since 1980 – a tally of over 8650 segments to date. His daily 60 second Good Health spot is available to radio stations totally free of charge and carries no barter or sponsor mentions or credits. You are however, welcome to arrange your own local sponsorships for the program, which is being provided by Dr James Wright as a community health-awareness segment.

Apart from spending his whole working life as a suburban family GP, Dr Wright is Australia’s top-selling medical author with over 40 books published (some in up to 5 languages!), and he continues to write regular articles for newspapers and magazines, record his radio spots and oversee the  ”Medi-Aid Centre Foundation” which he established in 1973 to provide housing for the aged and, more recently, to also offer fully subsidised cataract surgery for elderly folk on low-incomes. It is a government recognised Public Benevolent Institution and Charity.

In 1998 Doc received the Order of Australia (AM) for service to the community through philanthropic contributions and as an advocate through the media of public health and medical issues.

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