Graham Ross Garden Clinic (All four seasons)

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No. of Segments: 
260 per year (Monday-Friday)

60 seconds

Sponsorship Suggestions:
 Nurseries, Hardware Stores (especially those with Garden sections), landscapers, mowing and yard maintenance services, fencing contractors, arborists

Program Details:
The Graham Ross Garden Clinic is supplied FREE of charge, but has a built-in credit for the program underwriter. Local sponsorships can be added to this provided they are not in competition to the series underwriter (this is fairly unlikely).

Graham Ross
Dip Hort (Ryde School Horticulture)
Dip Teach (Sydney Teachers Col)
Cert. Greenkeeping (Ryde School Hort.)
Cert. Park Admin (Ryde School Hort.)
Head Div (Ryde School Hort.)

Graham’s passion for horticulture is boundless – his life has revolved around gardening since the age of 4 years old. After studying everything there was to study at Ryde School of Horticulture, he began the Garden Clinic Club in 1985 with his wife Sandra to share his understanding about the art of gardening with you. He has been very active in presenting gardening on television and radio for the last 30 years. Grahams knowledge of plants, gardens, cultural traditions and enthusiasm are unsurpassed and he is supremely optimistic about life on this planet.

Graham also has a passion for his own home garden, his family, growing his own produce, travelling and garden photography. He has won many awards in radio, television, and magazine and in the horticultural industry and was trustee of Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens for ten years. in 2012 Graham was awarded the Gold Veitch Memorial Medal from the Royal Horticultural Society in the United Kingdom and has been invited to be a fellow of Kew Botanic Gardens, London.

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