No. of Segments:
260 per year (Monday – Friday)

2 mins

Sponsorship Suggestions:
Anyone who wants their message to stand out. Anyone who enjoys a good laugh.

Program Details:
THE radio comedy that satirizes Australian politics, tall poppies, pop stars and media personalities. Multi-award winning radio comedy starring Keith Scott and Robyn Moore.

Cactus is the most popular, most awarded and longest-running syndicated comedy in the history of Australian radio. A MUST HAVE!

It’s a proven revenue winner – and can (indeed should) be run several times daily, thus extending your sponsor’s exposure. Its strong humour holds up to, and actually benefits from, repeat broadcasting. Use it throughout the day to promote your breakfast team (e.g. “… when Newington Car Alarms present How Green Was My Cactus in the Zac and Mullet Breakfast Show on Chill FM”. And, no matter how glum the news of the day may be, your sponsor’s message cuts through in the positive surrounds of ‘good vibes’.

As well as a string of radio industry awards, Cactus has won five AWGIES from the Australian Writers’ Guild for Best Comedy Script (covering all media: television, stage, print and radio)…when it comes to comedy, it sure cuts the mustard!

Written by Doug Edwards and Shane Edwards of TRIFFIQUE PRODUCTIONS, How Green Was My Cactus is broadcast weekdays on stations throughout Australia.

Run a Cactus Character Look-A-Like Competition. For extra fun invite your Federal, State and Local Government representatives to participate (or to judge it for you). Extend the sponsor’s budget

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