No. of Segments:

24 mins approx

Program Details:

A classic Grace Gibson radio drama recently remastered for radio.

Night Beat is the story behind the stories in a newspaper column, and the man who writes them.

“That’s me – Randy Stone. The good thing about being a columnist – you can talk about yourself and see it in print. People read it, because reading a column is almost like reading someone else’s mail, and few of us can resist having a little peep – for ten minutes or so.

I’m just an ordinary bloke who started life as a copy boy, graduated to cub reporter and wound up with a Grade A union card, until one day the boss got a bit light-headed, and made me a feature writer. You can hardly blame him when I tell you he found himself with two murders, a million pound fire, and a shipwreck on his hands, all within an hour. Until that happened, the hottest break he’d had for a week had been a flash from the bush that Miss Alice Springs had sprained her ankle, trying on her first pair of shoes.

And so now I cover the Night Beat for the good old Daily, and brother, you’ve got to be everything from a private detective to a good Samaritan – a fighter, too, if you want to remain in the mediocre state of health that I am pleased to regard as good.

Night Beat – that’s where I get my stories; the grim ones, the strange ones, and the gentle ones. Of course you see plenty of action and take a lot of chances, but it’s worth it for the stories you get and the people you meet.”

Originally commissioned by Grace Gibson’s legendary producer, Reg Johnston and starring Alan White, Night Beat became an all-time classic with a very loyal following.



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