No. of Segments:

6 mins approx

Program Details:

Jack Rickard and Alan Teasdale are old friends, and as an amateur jockey, Alan often races horses belonging to Jack’s father.

Alan introduces Jack to his soon-to-be fiance Diane Mercer. There is a mutual attraction and Diane calls off the engagement telling Alan she loves someone else. Alan makes no secret of his resentment when he finds out the truth and becomes threatening.

Diane is subsequently killed in a plane crash as she and Jack are on their way to meet Jack’s parents.

Jack becomes a professional jockey and just when he’s at the top of his game, he is accused of betting against his own mount and of riding to lose. The inquiry’s findings go against him and his license is revoked.

After an attempt on his life Jack blames Alan for all of his misfortune and the conflict between them is magnified to an explosive intensity.