Category: Special Day

No. of Segments: 20

Duration: Segments are approx 60 secs each

Sponsorship Suggestions: Retailers who are looking for a brief, targeted campaign, clients who want to sponsor an on-air competition (with in-store promotion), quirky clients who like something a bit different.

Program Details: An entertaining and light-hearted series which can be used in two ways: simply play them as a feature (particularly for Friday 13th) or use them as a competition asking listeners to send in their own examples, or co-ordinate an in-store promotion with the sponsor.

Miscellaneous: Something different for your team to work with – some liners are also available.

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1. All At Sea
2. Babies
3. Being Left Handed
4. Cats
5. Christmas
6. Death
7. Getting Married
8. Left vs Right
9. Lucky Charms
10. Mirrors
11. Plants
12. Remedies – 1
13. Remedies – 2
14. Remedies – 3
15. Sayings
16. The Breakfast Table
17. Touching Wood
18. Umbrellas
19. Weddings 1
20. Weddings 2