No. of Segments:

6 minutes approx

Sponsorship Suggestions:
Creates a very loyal following, especially when broadcast at ‘smoko’ (males loves this story even more than females). Great opportunities for retail.

Program Details:
Grace Gibson’s all-time most popular radio drama is centred around two great business empires fuelled by hatred. The Castlereagh Line is the saga of a ruthless man with a single-minded determination, and of the woman he deserted.

Lottie Long escapes torture and murder in Northern Queensland and meets Jack Seager in the bar where she is working in Cloncurry.

Along with Mat Gore, they establish The Castlereagh Line in 1880 – a coach line with the benefit of a mail contract which covers northern New South Wales.

Betrayed by Jack, Lottie uses his empire to build her own and creates a new life for herself.

Murder, rape, arson, robbery – The Castlereagh Line is full of action and intrigue.

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